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The Misfits are the ‘broken’ ones. The treat pieces that don’t have the perfect lines, who grew too big, who have a crack or two. To the naked eye they are ‘imperfect’ but we love them just as much if not more (and so will your pup!) They may look a little different on the outside, but we promise they are just as delicious on the inside.


Our goal is to find the perfect home for all of our perfectly imperfect Misfits. Get the same level of deliciousness at a discounted price and bring them into your space with love…or umm…until Fluffy finds ‘em.


Psst! This also doubles as a great sample kit if you want to see which treat your pup likes the most.

The Misfits

  • I am not a certified pet nutritionist or a Veterinarian.  Please consult your veterinarian before trying any of these recipes or introducing new foods to your pups. * These recipes are not for meal replacements as they do not contain all of the daily nutritional needs your dog requires. Please use them as a fun activity or a fun snack for your dog. Always provide fresh water.

    *If you have any questions about any of the recipes, please  email or DM on Instagram @thegoodstuff

  • $1 of every order goes to Denver, CO based 501c3 all-breed dog rescue Up Pup and Away

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